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Among other things, I am in the process of writing the "Memories of a Cat." They are inner thoughts and confidences shared with me by my many loving cats in the course of my life.

One of them, Porky  we believe, was eaten by a nasty Coyote a few months after his arrival in Arizona. We had him for fifteen years and he loved fresh shrimps.

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Jo-Pishi - a Portrait

Click above and you will see a portrait of Jo-Pishi taken with a small $40.00 digital camera. Ever since I have this little camera made in China, it is goodbye Leica, Canon, films chores and expensive gears.

As time goes by there will be much more added to this site including pages on MILTON, the most important cat in Europe and Switzerland. This tomcat belongs to my niece Haydée   who is a top graphist as well as cat and animal stories writer in Swizerland. Click link below:

Milton the Cat

Alike JO, most of the time Porky used to relax on my shoulders while I worked at the computer. He was my editor-in-chief and I miss him dearly. Fifi a real "Shazdeh," (princesse) had four beautiful kittens, Lady, Sheytoun, Cleo and Wazoo who died last year and hated to be photographed.

My sister Fati who lives in France is a cat lover and has taken her love for them one step further. A member of  actress Brigitte Bardot Animal Rescue Foundation, she saved many  from the pond. She feeds strays and they adore her. Minutes before she arrives they assemble in circle. They recognize her and approach her with their tails up. No one else can get near them. Their relationship is a mutual long-lasting love affair. SEE
Fati's Cats below:

La Moushkaye
Chat de Siné pour Fati

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OK cats, I am Jo-Pishi the gift of a Princess and I came from Manhattan swankiest Pet Shop. I am a prized playful cat. Now in this year 2001, I still remain serious, attentionate, loving, caring, pretty, joyful...

Just as when I was a 6-month's old cutie.
My master Farhad, won a small
digital camera over the Internet and
his flash made my eyes look red.

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I am the cutie of the family
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